Ringwood and Fordingbridge Club For the Blind

What is visual impairment?

There are around 378,000 people registered as blind or partially sighted in the UK (October 2007) and many more who are not registered but who have some form of visual impairment.

A person who is blind has a high degree of vision loss. Only about 18 per cent of blind people are totally blind – most can distinguish between light and dark.When someone is partially sighted, they have a less severe loss of vision. Partially sighted people can see more than blind people but less than sighted people.

Blindness can cause difficulty with everyday tasks such as cooking, dressing, reading and writing, shopping and going for a walk.

The risk of physical and social isolation is greater for people who are blind or partially sighted as it can be difficult to get out and make new friends. Blindness can also be an expensive condition because of the cost of special equipment.