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The Diamond Divas Choir

Stately as a Galleon

June 2017

22 June saw Ringwood and Fordingbridge Club for the Blind being entertained by the Diamond Divas, a large women's choir based in Highcliffe. We were very fortunate to see Terry Dancey step into the breach and introduce the company, which had been formed in 2012 (replacing their previous incarnation, The Starlite Singers). Since that year coincided with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year, it was deemed appropriate to besow a new name on themselves, all of them being divas!

Totally 26 members, the choir sand at clubs, nursing homes, churches et al. in the locality. no charges are made but all monies collected are donated to the Macmillan Unit at Christchurch Hospital. To date, no less than £ 16,000 has been raised for this worthy cause. That afternoon, Blind Club members added support to this amount with the sum of £67.32.

The musical theme for that afternoon's entertainment was 'Somewhere out there', and included such classics as 'If you wish upon a star' (from Disney's Pinocchio), (Perry Como) 'Catch a falling star', (Flanders and Swann) 'Mud, glorious mud!', and the delightful dance sequence immortalised by Joyce Grenfell, 'Stately as a galleon, I sail across the floor'. Members were enthralled and either sang or otherwise 'played' along with the music. A delicious tea followed, enhanced by strawberries and cream!

Diamond Divas have their own website - www.diamond-divas.org.uk - or can be contacted via Terry - tmdancey@msn.com.

The next meeting of the Blind Club will be held on 13 July and we look forward to seeing new members.