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Neale Turner with his bass guitar

Just Singing in the Rain

October 2016

For those members present, Autumn started with a swing at the first club session in October of the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Club for the Blind. Neale Turner, a retired psychiatric nurse who is now a professional and very talented musician, played to us on his bass guitar with backing tracks to accompany him. His theme was music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and he took the members down memory lane. Six active members couldn’t resist the invitation to dance and jived or waltzed to the music. It was remarkable how music evokes memories and lifts spirits as witnessed by all present. On the 27 October the members of the Club will again look forward to another musical treat, this time by the Songbirds, who are well worth listening to. Sessions are then followed by a delicious afternoon tea.If you would like to join us as a member or come along as a volunteer, please contact us for more information about the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Club for the Blind. We will make you very welcome.